Build your better body

Plan for fitness by following our step-by-step workout plans

Multi-day workouts

Access professional workout plans designed to improve overall fitness, build muscle, strip fat or just get you exercising regularly

Workout instructions

With guidance on your sets, reps and weights used, our techniques achieve the results you’d only expect when using a Personal trainer

Detailed video guides

Step-by-step instruction guides you through each exercise and includes insider hints and tips to help you perfect your technique

Informative newsfeed

Keep perfecty informed about all aspects of health, fitness and muscle growth with regular articles written by our team of experts

Extensive exercise choice

Select exercises by body area, fitness level or equipment type. Build your own workouts using the equipment you have available

PRO membership

Take your workout to the next level by unlocking all workouts and exercises with PRO membership

Your plan for fitness success

The beauty of having your workout program right at your fingertips is you can continue from where you left off, working at your own pace at any time of the day or night. By ticking off the exercises you’ll always know what you’ve completed and what’s up next. The App reminds you what weights you should be lifting, the reps and the number of sets. All guesswork is removed leaving you to maximize your effort for each gym session. The longer you use the App, the fitter, stronger and healthier you’ll become.

  • A PT style workout that delivers unprecedented fitness results
  • Remove the guesswork from your gym routine
  • Never tire of your workout again - simply switch workouts
  • Feel reassured that you’re getting a great, professional workout

Simple Fitness Progression

With workouts designed for all levels of fitness, we recommend building a strong foundation of core fitness before progressing onto one of the more advanced workout plans. You’ll find advice on which workouts to complete in which order.

All our workouts are tailored to a specific goal. To build bulk you’ll find workouts recommend exercises with lower reps that push you to the top end of your maximum lift, whilst for stripping fat you’ll find higher reps using lighter weights. We do the science so you don’t have to. Rest assured you’ll achieve your goals faster.

Screen Shots

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It's Awesome

Regular exercise is the best health insurance on the market!

Upgrade your workout

By switching your workout monthly you’re using the principle called ‘muscle confusion’. This principal helps challenge your muscles regularly to promote faster results. You can even discover new types of equipment such as TRX™ Suspension, ViPR™ Resistance Tube or Kettlebells™ - simply follow our video guides.

Never tire of the gym

If you’ve ever walked around the gym wondering which piece of equipment to use next, or questioned whether your workout is going to deliver any real results, the Gym Training App is for you. When you’ve got a workout plan to achieve your goal that holds your interest, all you have to do it turn up.

Life-long fitness

Achieving a good level of fitness at any age can seem daunting. The key to life-long fitness is finding a routine that holds your interest over the longer term. With the Gym Training App you can alternate your workout whenever you choose. Workout at your own pace, and set your own goals to maximise results.

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